Industrial IOT + Cloud SCADA 

We have Ignition SCADA running in the cloud on secure servers ready for any type of connection with remote monitoring and control of industrial devices. We can connect your devices with secure VPN to our server or via MQTT. We can also provide Ignition Edge Powered gateways that always record local data and if the connection goes down and then reestablished it will automatically be pushed to the cloud. The Ignition Edge HMI offers the ability to have local display and user interface on site and will record all data and automatically push the data to the cloud. All data is stored securely and encrypted. If you don’t want data in the cloud we can arrange to have all data stored on your own server.  

Large Range of Wireless Sensors 

All wireless sensors work on a mesh network topology with self healing for reliable up time. The sensors have a range of 5 KM LOS and up to 50 KM LOS with high gain antennas. We can set up solar powered repeater nodes to extend the network. We have options to control relays with the EndNode range. We can get you connected to the cloud services easily with MQTT or the specific cloud platform Gateway. We have modems which allow integration in existing local control systems which don’t require internet access. See the video below for a quick intro to the enterprise wireless sensor range. Please contact for more information regarding your use case and how we may help.